Changzhou GB Precision Machinery Co., LTD.A professional manufacturer of one-way pulleys for car Alternators. The company has strong production and manufacturing capabilities and simultaneous development capabilities and test verification capabilities. It has an independent processing workshop and a dust-free assembly workshop. It has a certain influence in the international market in terms of technology, quality, capacity and variety. With independent one-way pulley development platform, in order to ensure the stability and consistency of the products, our company has added a fully automatic assembly line, which is far ahead of similar products in product stability.Our company always adheres to the quality and stability of product quality as the enterprise quality concept, and continues to focus on the professional development of automotive alternator one-way pulleys. We will develop the corresponding R&D and manufacturing technologies in depth and promote China's automobile power generation. The one-way pulley of the machine has reached the international advanced level. The company's existing automotive generator one-way pulley series products more than 500 models, covering most of the world's models. Has a good quality reputation in the domestic and international markets. At present, the company's domestic customer base has covered 30% of the well-known OEMs, and provides OE services to domestic OEMs such as Jianghuai, Chery and Ankai; also the suppliers of internationally renowned auto parts companies WAI, DENSO, VALEO. And in the United States, Mexico, South Korea, Australia, the United Kingdom, Poland, the Netherlands, Turkey, Germany, Russia and other countries have brand agents.

Benefits of using OAP

OAP itself has no inherent vibration, so it can directly replace the original pulley without changing the gear train, which is simple, convenient and effective.
Without changing the original parameters of the gear train, OAP has the following advantages:
↗ Reduced influence of alternator inertial mass on accessory systems and increased alternator speed at idle
↗ Reduced belt tension and jitter and increased belt lifetime
↗ Reduced tension and swing of the tensioner and extends lifetime
↗ Improved NVH performance and reduced fuel consumption and emissions


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Process control
Process control
1.According to the characteristics of the product, decompose and establish the corresponding process characteristics, and equipped with the corresponding testing equipment.
2.The first inspection, inspection and final inspection methods are adopted in the process, the inspection tools are controlled in the verification period.
Member and capability
Member and capability
1.Adopt the latest design to improve product
design safety margin and reduce product risk.
2.Master the complete certified R & D system.
3.Core team have over ten years of experience in OAP&OAD.
4.Annual production capacity 100,0000 PCS .
1.Adopting material scheme of synchronizing with OE.
2.The number of needle roller springs is the same as that of INA pulley, The material processing technology such as quenching, high frequency heat treatment, and the material of the sealing ring and other materials far exceeds that of the same industry
1.supply 2 years or 100,000 kilometers quality guarantee (which ever comes first) for the OAP&OAD .
2.more than 500 models ,covering most of the world's models. Ability to respond quickly to customer needs.
3.Newly developed samples with a delivery cycle of no more than 10 days. Order delivery cycle, no more than 25 days.