Function and performance

The function of GB  OAP is to decouple the alternator from the rotational irregularity of the crankshaft of an internal combustion engine. This will help the front end accessory drive (FEAD) system move smoothly, increase the lifetime of parts of FEAD system, and improve the NVH, fuel consumption and exhaust emission of engine.

The design lifetime of GB  OAP is 300,000km benchmarking OEM standard. To achieve this target, we strengthen the one-way clutch and bearings. The  static bearking torque of one-way clutch is more than 300Nm. We use Krupp Germany high temperature resistant lubricating grease imported from Korea for one-way clutch and bearings. The material of bearing seals is acrylate rubber (ACM) with great performance of high temperature, low temperature and oil resistance. Therefore, GB OAP can be able to resist a permanent ambient temperature of -30°C to +140°C and temporary peak temperatures of -40°C or +180°C are admissible and do not lead to permanent impairment of function.

Test and verification

GB OAP have undergone millions of kilometers of road tests and tens of thousands of hours of bench simulation tests in the R&D stage to verify the reliability and durability of the product design. At the stage of product finalization and mass production, we still conduct hundreds of thousands of kilometers of road tests and thousands of hours of bench tests every year. In addition, we have passed verifications of bench and vehicle tests in alternator manufacturers and OEMs. We have a rigorous and responsible attitude to ensure the quality of each batch of products delivered to our customers.

Our verifications include but are not limited to the following:

Function Test

◥ Cold Start Test

 High Temperature Start Test

◥ Speed Change Endurance Test

 Salt Fog Test (Passive)

◥ High Pressure Cleaning Test (IP9K)

Acceleration/Deceleration Endurance Test


Other Test